Ukrzaliznytsia is changing the route of one of the trains in Poland

A week later, on August 24, “Ukrzaliznytsya” suspended the movement of trains on the route from Kovel in Volhynia prior to the Polish Hill. However, it is rather an extension of the route. The new train will run from Zdolbuniv in Rivne region in the Hill. The route will pass through Rivne, Rovno and Kovel the same.

From Zdolbuniv train No. 751/752 will depart every day at 09:00 and will arrive at the Hill at 13:41. The train will make stops for boarding and alighting passengers at the stations Exactly (09:13/09:19), Kivertsi (10:13/10:20), Kovel (11:40/11:53).

Back departure from the Hill daily at 14:51 and arrival to Zdolbuniv at 22:05. The train will follow with stops at the stations Kovel (18:40/18:57), Kivertsi (20:03/20:09), Exactly (21:01/21:07).

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The route will operate railcar PESA 630M, which included two second-class carriage at 89 and 98.

The fare in the message Zdolbuniv – Rivne Hill and the Hill is 345,18 UAH, Nikolaev – Hill – 242,80 UAH, Kovel – Hill – 206,66 UAH (fares are inclusive of fees for currency exchange rate on 16.08.2017 – 30,0626 UAH per 1 Euro).

We will remind, a train №751/752 Kovel – Hill started to run on 12 June 2017.

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