The statement on the verge of fantasy. Groysman promises perfect road in 3-5 years

In 3-5 years Ukraine will be the perfect road.

This almost fantastic statement, given the current state of the roads, did the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“In 2016, we began the modernization of the Ukrainian roads, reconstruction, major repairs. This year we have accelerated the pace and increased the volume. I want to emphasize that significantly improved the quality of the repair work on the roads, next year the volume will be even more”, – said Groisman during a meeting of the government.

The Prime Minister does not promise perfect roads everywhere.

“I think that 3-5 years – and we put things in perfect order on the roads. It is clear that we will not come to each area, but the majority, I believe, Ukrainian citizens will feel that the situation has changed,” – said Groisman.

Earlier Ukravtodor has announced the construction of the first toll roads.

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