With apples and good works: as in Kiev churches celebrated the Transfiguration

Apple saved the Christians of the Eastern rite celebrated by Church services and blessing of the fruit. But in Kiev, in St. Michael’s Cathedral for unusual children gave a concert and master classes, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The morning of the feast of the Transfiguration near the Vladimir Cathedral began with long queues. Thousands of the faithful in the feast came to a festive Liturgy. After the believers go outside to sanctify the fruits and vegetables – most of all, apples and grapes. Transformation of the Apple spas, spas on the mountain is only the most popular name of this holiday. Father Igor, who sprinkles people with Holy water, explains that one of the first of the harvest festivals. “Transfiguration of the Lord on mount Tabor was transfigured, showing his glory to the disciples as the Son of God,” the priest says.

Videoitalia and consecration of talismans: Christians of the Eastern rite celebrate the Transfiguration of Christ

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In the Cathedral of St. Michael a rehabilitation center for children with disabilities organized for the pupils of the special occasion. “In order to enable children to work with teachers and parents to go to Church, to pray, to sanctify apples”, -said the Deputy Director of the center Viktor Salkov. First the students treat peers and other believers pie from apples that had baked themselves, and then go out clubbing. Who makes the drawings on the face and hands, others rushing to the tree of desires. For their implementation need to cut Apple out of paper, colour it in and write a dream. After this, the children are going to do dolls that are planning to send soldiers in the ATO. “The soldiers guarding us, our world, and the guardian angels of our small children have to protect them”, – explained the initiative.

As previously reported, 19 August is celebrated Apple Spas (Transfiguration of the Lord) and the day of the beekeeper. However, this Saturday, for many Ukrainians working for the day off Friday, August 25, to the celebration of Independence Day was four weekends in a row.

The TSN reporter Anton Strashko

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