Of the cost of the pizza to 43 million dollars: bitcoin currency is rapidly beats the world record

The most expensive and the most unusual currency in the world – a reputation already earned bitcoins. The electronic money impossible to hold but they want to have everything because the currency is constantly increasing in price and has reached its historical maximum, according to a story TSN.19:30.

“I have coins that can be in the hands to hold, but which you can pay for the wedding,” says volunteer Vera Antonovna, which made a marriage for the volunteers Marousi and Atousa Andrew for virtual money. In his 77 she confidently talks about the cryptocurrency and knows how to make them. Although the majority of Ukrainians still do not understand that it for money. “This is such a new format of virtual assets, which is ensured by the encryption technology,” – says the lawyer Artem Afian.

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Internet money has value because their owners sure the virtual coins will be in demand. Among the most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin. The price for the year rose ten times, and last week it reached its historical maximum and exceeded 4 thousand dollars per unit. “It is expensive because the number of these people who want to purchase bitcoin is higher than the speed of getting bitcoins into the market,” says Afian.

The first retail purchase for the bitcoin in the world was made back in 2010. Then pizza posted a 10 thousand bitcoins is today it could be $ 43 million. Now this unofficial currency in the world became so popular that it may be freely used in everyday life. “In the world there is a trend of cryptotools. There are people that are traveling, paying exclusively with bitcoin. There are hotels, there are restaurants, there are carriers,” says Afian.

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From global trends traditionally, Ukraine is lagging behind. “In Ukraine, a very sad image, but gradually the movement gains strength. Can buy flowers, you can buy the movie tickets, you can purchase a battery for the car,” explains entrepreneur Andrew Matvienko. For the experiment we buy movie tickets. Select the movie, date and place, enter the postal address – at first it looks like a normal online order. Among the options calculate choose a bitcoin receive address code on it via your wallet sent the funds in bitcoins and then wait for confirmation. “It may be from several minutes to several days. If we booked tickets for today, there is a possibility that in the movie, we have not got. And this is one reason why I, for one, do not use for retail purchases with bitcoin,” explains Matvienko.

Purse to create a very easily – just download a special program to the smartphone. But bitcoins themselves are not there, and the wallet is linked to your device, so if the phone is broken or lost, the owner loses the purse – as well as regular leather. But you can protect yourself and make backups in the cloud or on a flash drive. Bitcoins can take a risk and buy for the future, you can try to play on courses of cryptocurrencies and you can learn to do and earn their own labor. Now, however, bitcoin and so has no formal legal status in Ukraine.

The TSN reporter Victoria Nikonenko

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