Parents of Ukrainian students can get the money back for completing a contract

In Ukraine you can get a refund for tuition if the child is enrolled in the UNIVERSITY for the contract, says the story “Sedanka z 1+1”.

“It’s called a tax credit, this right is provided for in article 166 of the Tax code of Ukraine. Each of us receives a salary, and the fourth part of this fee is paid at the enterprise where we work (we are talking about any form of property) as a tax to the budget. These funds can be returned over the next year, if they were spent on their own education or your child, or wife, or father. If the salary is 5000 UAH, for the year accumulates tax 13000 UAH. If two parents, the figure doubled,” – said lawyer Lawrence Tsaruk.

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According to the lawyer, the state makes payment for the previous year, so during the year you need to make payments for the fees and collect the receipt.

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“Is the tax service should come in the next year, with receipts in the tax, now they have created service centres, by place of residence, to bring bills that you paid money for training, and you are within a month will return the money,” he explained.

At the same time, the lawyer said that you can return the money only for the costs made in the previous year, and in subsequent years, this right is not tolerated.

“And here is an important trick. The academic year consists of four semesters: two semesters in one year and two in another. You can pay for the entire year, and you can ask to pay in semester. And it will be better, because if you pay for the whole year, they will return only half and the other half will burn. Because return only expenses committed in the previous year,” added Tsaruk.

He also noted how compensation can fully cover all training costs.

“There are other tricks – we have a contract with the elementary school to sign so that half was paid by the father and another mother. If the student is studying, for example, in the second year, the Universities are going to meet, you must come to the Dean’s office and ask to rewrite the contract that the payer was the parents,” he said.

Separately Tsaruk called the list of documents that need to have to design compensation: the birth certificate of the child (to prove the state whose child it is), passport, identification code of the parents and the child, education contract, bills for tuition, the income statement (that wages are deducted taxes) and the certificate from the Bank on the card account (where you have to return the money).

“These documents need to be submitted to the service center of the tax Inspectorate, where you will need to fill out a Declaration and wait for a refund”, – concluded the lawyer.

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