Installed RF restrictions of the courts can “cut off” Ukraine from Asia, Africa and America

Due to the arch construction of the bridge Kerch , Russia sets restrictions for the passage of vessels in Ukrainian ports in the sea of Azov, which is contrary to the UN Convention on the law of the sea. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons.

The height of the arch of the bridge will have a limit of 33 meter above sea level.

“Besides, if before the passage of the Kerch Strait has been permitted vessels with length up to 200 meters, now the Russian Federation declares about the limitation of the allowed length of 160 meters”, – stated in the message.

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The foreign Ministry responded to the limit by Russia of the movement of ships through the Kerch Strait

The Ministry noted that the new requirements to the size of the courts does not correspond to at least 144 ships that came into the port of Mariupol during the last year. This is 23% of the total. Besides, on the specified vessel accounted for 43% of the cargo handling port.

In addition, ships with such dimensions will not be able to travel to other continents.

“Restrictions will lead to the fact that in Mariupol sea port will be able to enter only vessels with a relatively smaller total capacity (10 thousand tons). This, in turn, will affect the competitiveness of the port, because such vessels can carry freight within the Black and Mediterranean seas. On other continents, including Asia, Africa and American countries the carriage is ocean class vessels”, – stated in the text.

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Ukraine will sue Russia because of the loss of ports due to the construction of the Kerch bridge

Officials say that under article 44 of the UN Convention on the law of the sea 1982 “States bordering Straits shall not hamper transit passage and shall notify of any known hazards to navigation in the Strait or overflight over the Strait. There should be no suspension of transit passage”.

The Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons

We will remind, earlier Russia banned the movement of ships through the Kerch Strait. Russia banned the movement of all ships in the Kerch Strait, with the exception of ships of the Naval Fleet and ships of Federal security. The decree was published on the website of the Russian administration of sea ports of the Black sea.

Subsequently, restrictions on the movement of vessels removed.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine stressed that the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait is illegal under international law. In particular, because Ukraine did not give consent to such construction.

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