The Minister of defence of Georgia has cancelled a visit to Kiev for the Independence parade

Kiev on celebration of independence Day of Ukraine there has arrived the head of the Pentagon James Mattis. In addition to the us Secretary of defense, the parade on August 24 will be another eight defense Ministers of partner countries, according to a story TSN.19:30.

It is the representatives of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Turkey, Montenegro and the UK. Of those invited will not come, only the Minister of defence of Georgia, because to extinguish large-scale forest fires in the country has attracted, and the military. Most of the guests already in Ukraine, another one waiting for tomorrow morning.

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As previously reported, Georgia asks for help from neighbors and the European Union through forest fires in Borjomi. Already destroyed more than 12 hectares of woodland near the resort-the famous sources of mineral water. To control the situation impossible through the dry weather and gusty winds.

Video settings the parade to the Independence Day will be attended by 8 heads of the defense ministries of partner countries

TSN. 19:30

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