Ukrainians do not trust Parliament and politicians more sympathetic to Tymoshenko and Hrytsenko – poll

Only 1 percent of Ukrainians are fully positively to the activities of Verhovnoi Happy, and 6% – rather positively. This is evidenced by the study conducted by GfK Ukraine together with Center for Insights in Survey Research.

More than half of citizens (57%) said that they did not approve of the activities of Parliament. 31% of Ukrainians feel rather dissatisfied with the work of MPs.

The Cabinet, headed by Groisman, too, can not boast of excellent grades. According to the survey, while only 2% of Ukrainians fully supports the activities of the government. 13% said that they rather approve. At the same time completely dissatisfied – 46%. Another third of Ukrainians (32%) said that rather dissatisfied.

The President Petro Poroshenko, according to the survey, approve only 2% of Ukrainians. Rather approve 15% rather disapprove – 32% do not approve 43% and 8% were undecided on this question.

The study noted that these figures barely changed in the last two years. The greatest endorsement for President Poroshenko in September 2014. Then there was a record 15%. Rather approved of 40%, rather than approve – 22%, do not approve of only 13%.

It is also worth noting that each of Ukrainian politicians, according to the survey, equally negatively perceived by Ukrainians. However, some of them have a level of sympathy a little higher. So, the leader of “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko sympathetic 22%, and the leader of “Civic stand” Anatoly Gritsenko 21%.

The survey was conducted on the entire territory of Ukraine (except for occupied territories of Crimea and Donbas) from 9 June to 7 July 2017. In the sociological survey involved 2,400 respondents. The error does not exceed 1.7 percent.

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