In Kiev “Auchan” visitors took video of a mouse that nibbled sushi in the fridge

In the hypermarket “Auchan”, located in shopping Mall “SkyMall”, the mouse happily enjoyed the sushi in the deli Department.

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A videotape of the incident, which happened at about 14:00 on Thursday, 24 August, shared with readers Dnia.

Video settings supermarket buyer captured the mouse


Today, 11:04

As told by Yuri Bilyk, store employees quickly removed all food from the refrigerator, where he wanted to eat the mouse.

“I called the Manager. He came and said that just 5-6 days ago, they did disinfection. What that mouse is there – who knows. But the fact that they all were removed, all foods from the refrigerator. But the fact that there are found the little mouse, so there are many of them, ” said Yuri.

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In the hypermarket while precise information for review.

Recall that recently in another Kyiv supermarket visitors have noticed a cat that made a toilet right in the Sahara.

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