Missing Belarusian Ukrainian Mushroom found in the prison of the FSB in Krasnodar – media

Missing on the territory of Belarus 19-year-old son of a Ukrainian officer Paul Mushroom may be in a prison of the FSB in the Russian Krasnodar.

About it reports the Belarusian service of “Euroradio”.

Videofunny chaplain Igor Mushroom said about the kidnapping of the son of FSB of Russia

TSN. 19:30

28 Aug, 20:36

“According to unofficial information ERB, Paul Mushroom really is in Krasnodar, the local FSB. But officially, we have not confirmed this. Although not denied. A press-the officer of FSB of the Russian Federation across Krasnodar territory are strongly advised to call for comments in Moscow”, – stated in the message.

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Russian lawyer mark Feygin does not exclude the fact that Paul Mushroom suddenly appears in the building of management of FSB across Krasnodar Krai.

“Such cases have already been. Then the man appeared in Russia and was made the statement by the FSB that the person crossed the border. He voluntarily came to the territory of Russia and gave himself up to the Russian authorities, because they know what is wanted,” – said the lawyer.

While fagin is confident that in the case of the disappearance of Paul Mushroom was the cooperation between the Belarusian KGB and Russian FSB.

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“Even sure what it was exactly. Through any interests and reasons of which we will never tell. Perhaps there is some special secret deal for such cases between the FSB and the KGB: how in such cases to act. And acted according to this scheme,” said mark Feigin.

Recall that the father claims that Paul Mushroom was detained by FSB officers in the Belarusian city of Gomel. There, he went on August 24 to meet up with a girl whom supposedly met on the Internet. It is known that the boundary he crossed without hindrance. And then his trace is lost.

The police of the city of Gomel father reported that his son was wanted. For alleged terrorist activities. But the information about the detention is not confirmed.

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