“Brand-grandmother”: TSN found out whether eggs sell on country roads

Commercial “brand grandma” works at natural markets on the tracks near Kiev, where we go to their country manor, politicians and stars of show business. During the study, topics reporters came across a former Kiev mayor Oleksandr Omelchenko, who was buying vegetables, says the story TSN.19:30.

“They see – the curves, cracked. And it’s clear that from the garden!”, explained sincere supporter of the “brand grandma.” Also on the track it is stored and eggs. “Eggs, I also take home because raw drink”, – he explained. The quality and origin of the eggs Omelchenko does not doubt, because they are all colorful and the perfect size. “You see, they are all different, not from the incubator,” said the politician.

Videots conducted an experiment to check out the quality of “home-grown” eggs from the spontaneous markets

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:43

Journalists took to check, do not cheat the sellers of those who are allegedly buys home products. Control purchases in this market have done for a few days and decided to associate with really homemade, which involved chickens. In parallel found out that near Kiev, there are several poultry farms, and some where there are wholesales of eggs without stamps that unsuspecting shoppers may be confused at the dealers with a truly homemade. “We do not print on the eggs, because the chicken is not responsible, we have a broiler. Here is what is defective in incubation” – explain the origin of these eggs producers. And fair warning, do not recommend them for use for children.

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In laboratory studies transferred from the press samples and explain that the quality of the eggs you can define and at home. “It’s such a popular method is to break them in a Cup of water. Let’s see how it will look in the yolk, a protein, whether it is to stick together,” says Dean of the faculty of food technology and quality control of production of agrarian and industrial complex Larisa Bal-prylypko. It was found that 100% of the egg from the chicken in the water is clear and purchased at the track more muddy – it is clearly lie down for the refrigerator, therefore, cannot be considered quite a diet. Though it home, therefore, the same Omelchenko did not disappoint.