Five places where it can hide Yanukovych. Investigation TSN and not only

Recently, a Russian Deputy and singer Iosif Kobzon “leaked” the actual address of residence of Viktor Yanukovych: he claims that the President-the fugitive settled in the suburban village Bakovka is his neighbor.

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“In Bakovka fence to fence with me, this building is jokingly called “Chinese wall” – today lives, the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. It settled there after the revolution on the Maidan. A fence of this height and you can’t imagine! This summer residence in Bakovka is controlled by our respective bodies,” he told Russian media.

Journalists TSN decided to see how Yanukovych now lives and went to an elite settlement that was previously dotted with dachas of the Soviet marshals.

Videofilter Yanukovych resides near Moscow next to Joseph Kobzon

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:09

In Bakovka, few people, shops and cafes nearby, so it seems that this place is a Paradise for hermits. The locals and the wait staff is not too talkative either say they do not know whether there lives Yanukovych or refute this possibility.

Judging by the video, shot with a drone, likely the house of the ex-President is really surrounded by a high fence, and place of residence he chose the quiet and cozy – in the woods.

However, this is not the only house that is credited with Yanukovych. Previously, the former official Oleg Mitvol in February 2014 “posted” by the President of the fugitive in another exclusive village – Barvikha – in the estate for $ 50 million. The house could not sell, he also became the object of a land scandal. And suddenly there was a buyer from Ukraine.

Moreover, Yanukovych allegedly managed to settle on at least elite Rublyovka. In April 2014, the Russian TV channel “Rain” said that he chose one of the most expensive homes for 50 million euros. Journalists TSN went to Russia to see the fugitive and found that the mansion on the ruble he had purchased before his presidency. They have a picture of the building: its interior is reminiscent of Mezhigorskaya – marble, gilding, and large chandeliers. Also on the estate there is a separate guest house and staff quarters. In February 2014 there saw Alexander Yanukovych, but when the journalists arrived – the estate has already been put up for sale.

Videofilter Yanukovych sells the house on the ruble


26 APR 2014, 21:14

In December 2016, the Russian journalists found Yanukovych in Sochi and showed photos of his alleged house, which, incidentally, were heavily guarded.