In Ukraine, more expensive coal from state mines

Tomorrow, September 1, in Ukraine by 10% increase the cost of coal, which is extracted on the state mines.

The Ministry of energy and coal industry recommended increasing the price of coal state mines to power generating companies and power plants to 10% from 2 thousand to 2.2 thousand UAH per ton (excluding VAT and transportation cost) to bring the enterprise on a break-even level of work, could be generated with coal.

The decision adopted on August 30 at a meeting headed by the Minister Igor Nasalik, reports “Interfax-Ukraine” with reference to own source. The Minister has indicated a significant increase in the price of thermal coal in April-August this year.

In addition, more than 15 percent of the price increase was announced by the representative of the “Ukrteploenergo”, referring to the current quotations and indexes.

The source added that the increase in the indicative price was also argumentvalues the need to increase production of coal gas group to replace the deficit of anthracite coal group. The interlocutor of Agency has specified that the indicated price corresponds to the average calorific value of the Ukrainian gas group coal 5200 kcal/kg.

Recall that in may 2017, the government approved a restructuring plan for the coal industry, which envisages the withdrawal of the state mines to break even in the coming years. By 2020, I plan to refuse the import of anthracite. First of all, due to the modernization of the energy enterprises and the transition to other fuels.

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