Sadness, sorrow, melancholy. As Internet users react to the beginning of autumn

The beginning of autumn inadvertently conjures up the sadness and desire for a while to extend the warm season. TSN.ia tried in jest to convey the decadent mood in social networks, choosing appropriate kouba.

That moment when you finally realize that the summer is over:

In sensitive people these days, eyes welling with tears:

Some even want to get drunk with grief. It’s good to have a loyal friend who can to stop in time:

Head is beginning to spin theme song:

Under her sad and Ukrainian players:

Even funny cartoon characters are not similar:

It is not surprising. That’s what summer is different from autumn in the example of Bart Simpson:

The winds are getting stronger and colder. The idea of going on a picnic does not seem so attractive:

On the other hand, people in nature becomes less and her that seem to breathe easier:

Therefore, in last warm days, pleasant enough in solitude to soak up the sunshine:

And recall your unforgettable summer holiday:

Oh, and finally – the immortal the hit about the end of Aug from Sofia Rotaru. If this summer was not enough, do not worry – it will be more fun 🙂

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