The Ukrainians explained why cheap watermelon will no longer

The watermelons were too expensive for many buyers after a rapid increase in prices. Vendors say that sales of this berry have fallen significantly, says the story TSN.19:30.

“Too expensive, the milk is at 2.50 and watermelon for 7,50. Potatoes are cheaper than watermelons” – say customers. Implementers also complained that instead of 300-400 kg per day sell only a few tens of kilograms – sales fell very significantly.

Videoebony crisis: Ukrainians shocked by the current prices for melons

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 21:08

This year attention to the watermelons grew to the national level for barge melons were watched by the whole country. But those 250 tons of watermelons for 2 hryvnia Kiev was only enough for a few days and if the price to barge in the capital’s supermarkets was 4 hryvnia per kilo, it then increased to 6.

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In Kiev was planning to send another 4 barges, but even a second did not collect the crop, because the fields up to 80% of defective berries. Through abnormal August heat temperature of the soil has reached 60 degrees, and in the end the watermelons just caked, and those that survived, instead of 10 pounds of weight gained only 2-3. “The effect of temperature made adjustments, and while there is no possibility to gather this amount of watermelon to send the barge and reduce the cost. Selling price with fields 6 UAH, and transportation – it turns out the price”, – said the Director of the company – sender of the barge Alexander Musienko.