In Kiev during the movement caught the tram with passengers

In Kiev on the street Chornovil during the movement caught the tram with passengers.

It is reported in Facebook.

Today, September 1, at 12.24 on-the-go caught the tram.

It is noted that passengers were evacuated.

The causes of the incident and information about the victims specified.

State of emergency in Kiev. Opposite the shopping center the Avenue. In 12.24 at full speed and caught the tram. Passengers on an emergency basis makerova…

Published 1 September 2017

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In Kiev, masked men stopped the tram and painted it along with the driver

Recall from Kiev, near the tram lit up “horns”. The tram was moving towards the ring road, stopped at the bus stop. When he had to leave, jerked and inside a moment the lights went out. Then the driver got out and saw that the second tram car burn “horns”.

All the passengers went out into the street, where at that time it was raining with lightning. Then the tram went blank.

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