Militants 26 times fired at positions of forces of ATO

At the end of the last day in the ATO area the enemy has increased the shelling of the Ukrainian positions. After 18 hours, the militants have stepped up firing provocations with the use of small weapons in the Donetsk and seaside areas.

According to the summary of the press center of staff ATO.

“In particular in the area of Avdeyevka industrial zone the enemy 4 times fired at our strong points from small arms and rocket-propelled grenade. Also in the evening and night under enemy fire twice were our fortifications on the outskirts of Zaitsev and the Heater and three times near Mayorsk,” – said the press center.

Also they added that on the seaside direction, the enemy 4 times with a grenade launcher, a heavy machine gun and small arms fired at our strong points near the Water. In addition, the facts of the use by insurgents small arms recorded in the area of Talakovka and Hnutove. And in the area of Shirokino were beaten twice by enemy heavy machine gun.

“At the Lugansk direction were relatively quiet. However, here around 20 hours near Novozvanovka the bandits used grenade launcher”, – said the headquarters.

In just the past day illegal armed groups 26 times opened fire on positions of forces ATO. The vast majority of firing provocations were carried out with small arms and were not long-lasting. Losses among the Ukrainian military no.

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