The autumn forecasts. What will happen to prices of food, fuel and how salaries will increase and the dollar

In Ukraine, the prices of food, fuel and even seasonal vegetables and fruits. In comparison with last year has risen in price where-that halfway. The price spike has forced the national Bank did acknowledge that inflation has exceeded the official expectations of 9.5%. Now there is hope, as the inflation is still tame.

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In the Zhitny market in Kiev a lot of sellers, but buyers are not very. And it’s in the holidays. Like all abruptly sat down on a diet, complaining about the seller Valentyna Bilyk. This is not surprising, because with small bill in here though don’t come: meat – 120 UAH per kilogram, fin – 90 UAH, fat – 70 UAH.

Those who lay out on the counter fatty pieces, dictate the prices, to somehow align private costs. And it’s like a vicious circle: the currency for which to feed the pigs and buy fuel, all summer, fall, and finished goods in value added.

According to the Minister of social policy Andrei Rewa, Ukrainians spend on food 55% of its profits. Scientists from the Institute of demography say that in the grocery basket of Ukrainians – meat, milk, eggs, bread, vegetables, cereals. This entire set of products in August, prices in the capital is 1.5 thousand UAH. This is half of the minimum wage.

“Conscience in the cost not included”, – the head of the Association of retail suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko said about prices of the future. Like, payment for food in Ukraine is rapidly approaching the European. Large agro-still, where to sell – in the Ternopil region or in Bavaria. Therefore ruled by the Bavarian price and in us.

“Who exactly plays the factor price equalization between our country and other European countries,” – said Doroshenko.

Now we have to to the European level grew and wages. In the future, as it should be. Because the laws of the market, these successful traders, who sell wheat, chicken, sugar abroad should bring foreign exchange earnings to our country, give more to their employees, create new jobs, pay taxes to boost the economy.

Meanwhile, experts predict a rise in prices of vegetables in the fall. For example, in August, was the peak of the fall in prices for cabbage, potatoes and onions. If you do stocks for the winter – it’s time to hurry to the market. Because a month later prices revert to levels in June. And then they were rather big.

Rise and sugar. It export a lot abroad. And this year still and sweet beet planted less. Therefore, the new harvest will be Golden. Experts predict that sugar will add at least a few hryvnia per kilogram. However, in the agriculture Ministry denied – the price will remain at current levels.

But buckwheat – groats in Ukraine in September would soar to 40 UAH per kilogram. But this will not last for long. Only on the shelves will form a new crop, the price tags once again rewrite. But not significantly (6-9%).

Videobase, fuel and the dollar: experts predicted the direction of prices in the new season

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Meanwhile, at gas stations the price of gas went up rapidly, and from 12 UAH a few days reached the level of 16 UAH. Gas noose around the neck of motorists felt throughout the world. Primarily due to the rising cost of crude oil. In Ukraine, the price increase occurred because of the Russian monopoly.

“To repay a shortage of liquefied gas in a short time will not succeed. We will have a scarce September,” – said the Director of the analytical center for energy studies Sergey Sapegin.

Last year every third sold liter of fuel was a liquefied gas is a cheap alternative to expensive gasoline. Should drivers continue to fill their tanks? Analysts say the decline in gas prices does occur. But the same for 11 UAH, it will be gone, but 13-14 UAH per liter at the gas station will ask. What is not true about gasoline. Experts predict, in September, A-95 can sell to 26.5 UAH per liter. Supposedly the fuel will go after the dollar. However, when he was falling, gasoline was in no hurry to fall in price.


The dollar this year as if was riding a child’s rocking chair. At the beginning of 2017 sharply jumped up, and then smoothly slid down. The August level is the lowest. But what will happen in the fall?

Now, it seems that the reasons for the fall of the hryvnia no, economists say. Ukraine received foreign exchange earnings from farmers, who once again broke all records. And summer, the Ukrainians actively traded foreign exchange reserves of the currency to rest. Enough money. However, in September, Ukrainians are in for an unpleasant surprise, the expert assumes.

“In the autumn there is a risk of devaluation. The risk of prolonged artificial devaluation by the government and the National Bank. Each year, the plan they’re on the hryvnia and a half are going to devalue the hryvnia against the dollar,” says economist Andrew Novak.

The expert predicts that the fall of the dollar is gonna go up, and will stop on a mark 27,2 UAH.

Videots investigated the reasons for the rapid rise in price of meat in Ukraine

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“We get the same amount of currencies as. But increased the hryvnia costs. Now we need to print money,” – said Doroshenko.

To print, because in the autumn the government plans to pay 100% of pensions to working pensioners, not 85%. In addition, increase the size of the minimum pension and the average salary. Economists say a little bit more money in their wallets Ukrainians feel. And consequently, increase purchasing power. So that the table will not be empty.

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