Known low-cost changes carry-on baggage rules

The low-cost airline Ryanair introduces new rules for hand baggage since November 1, which provide the opportunity to take on Board two pieces of hand baggage only for passengers with priority boarding, according to

The rest of the passengers will be able to take in the beauty of just a small object with dimensions up to 35х20х20 cm, and the main object weighing up to 10 kg with dimensions of up to than 55x40x20 cm and should be free to take the Luggage at the departure gate.

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From 1 November Ryanair increases the minimum rate paid Luggage from 15 to 20 kg, at the same time reducing the minimum rear Assembly from 35 to 25 euros.

“We hope that by limiting passengers, no priority boarding to one piece of hand Luggage will accelerate the boarding process in the plane and eliminate delays associated with a lack of space on the overhead bins in the cabin for more than 360 bags of passengers”, – explained the representative of Ryanair, Kenny Jacobs.

Now Ryanair passengers regardless of at what rate the purchased ticket, you can take in the cabin two items of hand Luggage with dimensions up to than 55x40x20 cm and 35х20х20 see if the onboard is not enough space to accommodate all things, part of handbags can give up the Luggage at the departure gate.

However, if this measure is applied only on busy flights, now the main piece of hand baggage will have to check in baggage all passengers, didn’t make a priority boarding service, which cost starts from 5 Euro one way.

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Recall, July 10, Ryanair announced its withdrawal from Ukraine , despite prisoner in March, a contract and agreement with the airport “Borispol”. According to the company, it is breach of agreement and cause the cancellation of the ward.

Airport Director Paul Ryabikin took responsibility for the failure of the agreement. According to him, the Irish company was required by the conditions that violate Ukrainian legislation. So, Ryanair wanted free navigation in Ukraine, free reception in the terminal, free space for the main office and office for the sale of tickets and the right to build a hotel at the airport – just 14 points requirements. The last of which – any disputes would be resolved by British courts.

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