Who died in 2014 reconnaissance 3rd special forces regiment buried in Kropyvnyts’ke

In Kropyvnyts’ke buried a soldier of the 3rd regiment of special purpose of the Novel Rekalova. 22-year-old military intelligence officer and nine of his brothers died three years ago in latysheve shakhtars in the Donetsk region, said in the story TSN.19:30.

The commandos marched past the grave of a dead comrade and saluted his mother. The novel is still considered missing, his body was identified after several examinations of DNA, however, the relatives of a fighter though, and gave permission for burial in the death of a scout refuse to believe. “Mother said that they have a glimmer of hope that after all perhaps he’ll be back. Although the DNA results revealed that it is their child”, – said the Deputy regiment commander Sergei Franciskovic.

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At the end of July 2014, the novel as part of a reconnaissance went on hijacked land in search of a pilot shot down a Ukrainian SU-25. But the group was ambushed. “A local farmer merged this group, its location and after a while our guys were there broken unexpectedly arrived superior at times gangs. A technique that came, were seen in white, like our technology, so they are unable to identify,” – said one of the soldiers.

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Most of the group died. The farmer, who invited the men to spend the night in the hangar, and then, as I suspect, brought intelligence of the separatists, two years in a gray area specprint detained and taken to the Ukrainian-controlled territory – now he is on trial in Kiev. However, the trial relatives of the victims dissatisfied because the case is delayed. “The latter, for example, five meetings since April, did not take place. Counsel for the accused did not appear, and the court postponed the meeting”, – said the representative of the interests of victims Elena Yarkina.