Lavrynovych presented the suspect: the ex-Minister is facing 15 years in prison

Former Minister of justice Oleksandr Lavrynovych received a suspicion in the seizure of power in 2010.

About it the correspondent of TSN Valentine Mudryk.

Sane according to the article, officials of times of Victor Yanukovych could sit in jail up to 15 years. The process of awarding the suspect lasted half an hour. The measure of restraint wasn’t chosen. Monday, September 11, Lavrynovych must appear for questioning.

The suspect said that Lavrynovych received from Yanukovych’s oral instruction to publish normative acts which approved a return to the Constitution of Ukraine of 1996, which expanded the powers of the President.

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In turn, the former Minister denies all charges. He stressed that it was the direct responsibility of the Ministry of justice.

“Conversation was off the record technology further advance if such will be. On the measure of restraint is not mentioned. Why month for charges I don’t understand too. From what I have read, I realized that this text, which claims to be scientific and practical development in the field of constitutional law. This I say without irony. Search this is, but has many disadvantages. Links to some primary sources have not been adjusted between them and there is a certain substitution of concepts. In this regard, I can say that my main reason for coming here is to read this suspicion. This is my interpretation of what the court’s ruling could not be performed by anyone except the one whom it concerns. That is, the entity that violated the Constitution of Ukraine with amendments, according to this finding, scientific development, is determined by the only entity that have the right to correct his mistake. Translated into human language, if the court found the illegality of the action, fixing it should be the only one who committed this offense. That’s the logic outlined here. What he said to the COP, who must run and called it the state authorities omitted with the intention to make such an interpretation, which will consist of a criminal regime and wanted to take things into their own hands, and to this end returned the text of the 1996 Constitution, which was voted the best constitutional text in Eastern Europe after the Soviet collapse, ” – said Lavrynovych.

In addition, the suspect said about the fact that four judges of the constitutional Court of Ukraine was dismissed, and in their place appointed loyal to the then government.

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