Saakashvili goes to the checkpoint “shehyni” instead of “Krakovets” – media

The former Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration and the former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili decided to go by bus to the checkpoint “shehyni” instead of PP “Krakovets”.

About it reports “Ukrainian truth”.

In particular, as of 17:50 a bus with Saakashvili moves to the checkpoint “shehyni”.

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We will remind, earlier it was Saakashvili is going to arrive in Ukraine via KP “Krakovets” on the bus with journalists. In STSU noted that is not going to pass Saakashvili to Ukraine, so he should pick up a passport (domestic and two foreign) and return back to Poland.

Subsequently, Saakashvili said he was not going to enter Ukraine via KP “Krakovets” on the bus, but he will enter Ukraine by train “intercity”. However, this attempt failed, the train never went, because “a person’s failure, without legal grounds for entry into Ukraine, to leave the train“. That is the explanation given in the “Ukrzaliznytsia”.

So, after several hours of waiting, Saakashvili returned to the plan with the bus.

Deprived of citizenship, Saakashvili in late July, when he was outside Ukraine. He is a politician promised to return September 10.

VideoLAN with “intercity” has failed. Saakashvili came to Ukraine by bus


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