Lviv night Saakashvili: an evening voyage around the city, which is now a politician and what his plans are

After yesterday’s breakthrough the boundaries of the former President of Georgia and former head of the Odessa regional state administration, deprived of citizenship of Ukraine, Mikheil Saakashvili decided to spend the night in Lviv in one of the most popular hotels in the city centre, just a few hundred metres from the Market square. The hotel also settled associates of Saakashvili.

About it the journalist Marichka Kuik, says the plot of TSN.Ranok.

The ex-President of Georgia arrived in Lviv yesterday, right after the breakthrough crossing the border, “shehyni”. Here Saakashvili met the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy. Policy first walked through the Market square, took selfies with the townspeople and tourists, then went for a meal. About an hour lasted the politicians in one of the restaurants of the city. While they ate, the entrance to the restaurant was guarded by three dozen men in full gear, it’s, like, the veterans of the battalion “Donbass”.

Videopoke breakthrough at the checkpoint “shehyni” Saakashvili had dinner with Garden in the center of Lviv


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After a meal, Saakashvili went out to reporters, a briefing held along with Andriy Sadovy. The Georgian politician said that a breakthrough on the border is not a breakthrough. He did not violate any of the legal points, though, and crossed the Ukrainian border without passport check. Like, the people themselves, the fans, took and carried him in her arms.

“No, there was no breakthrough… I didn’t pass (the Ukrainian border without passport check), I picked up and moved across the border. Did the people of Ukraine… No law of huckster is not a hindrance,” said Saakashvili.

In Lviv politician should be at least till lunch then in Lviv scheduled press conference policy.

We will remind, in yesterday’s clashes on Polish-Ukrainian border at the checkpoint “shehyni” injured five guards and 12 police officers, according to the foreign Ministry. Despite several cordons of law enforcement officers and reports of mining, deprived of Ukrainian citizenship, Saakashvili managed to go to Ukraine. After the CBP burst a crowd of thousands. Without any passport control protesters literally “at hand” brought Saakashvili to Ukraine.

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This was preceded by a travelling caravan Saakashvili and his Ukrainian friends, politicians and journalists almost along the entire Western boundary. At first I thought to go by bus through Krakovets. But when they knew that there they will meet angry opponents, it is claimed, suddenly changed the route, boarded the train “intercity”. But the tickets were already purchased in advance – and to policy-makers, supporters, and journalists.

When it is not able to move, standing for a few hours on the platform of the Polish station and took the trip several hundred passengers, the delegation decides to go back to plan “A” – to go by bus to Krakovets.

But halfway through it became clear that going on to another point – “shehyni”. Where the border has been blocked – on both sides accumulated a lot of cars. But the Polish side missed the bus with Saakashvili, others stayed. When the VIP bus pulled up to the Ukrainian border, became aware of the “mining” of the checkpoint.

Videoprogram Saakashvili: in clashes on the border of the 17 people injured

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While waiting for the bomb squad, in a gray area the motorcade again hesitated, do not change the travel plan. And then a crowd of thousands broke through the border from Ukraine and rushed to policy. Guards and police offered no resistance. In a matter of minutes Saakashvili “by the hand” brought into Ukraine without any verification of documents.

The column walked many kilometers tube, get on the bus and went to Lviv.

Meanwhile, the movement of vehicles through the checkpoint resumed. The work was started by the police – were protocols for those who illegally crossed the border.

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