Police arrested the associate of Saakashvili, who beat the guards

The national police detained one of the associates of deprived of Ukrainian citizenship Mikheil Saakashvili – Alexander (Andrew), Katyshenka. This was announced by the people’s Deputy and Advisor to the interior Minister Anton Geraschenko.

On his page in the social network he posted a video where during a break the boundaries of man beats security forces.

Katyshenka, the MP called “aunt” Saakashvili said.

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Saakashvili in Lviv read a report on the violation of crossing the border

“The national police detainee “action – titushky” Saakashvili Alexander Katyshenka. David Sakvarelidze called Alexander, Katyshenka, who was beaten and choked by border guards, “the activist”, – stated in the message Gerashchenko.

The attention of the media. The national police arrested a “militant aunt” Saakashvili Andrew Katyshenka. David Sakvarelidze calls Andrew Katyshenka, biting and smothering border guards, “the activist”. https://www.facebook.com/davit.sakvarelidze/posts/10154860774420233 Watch the video. Give their assessment of the actions of Andrew Katyshenka, D. Sakvarelidze s Mikhail Saakashvili. PS request to the media hosting, the best of intentions, post D. Sakvarelidze about the “beginning of mass repressions” in connection with the arrest of “aunts” Saakashvili to host video arts, A. Burtsev and A. Katyshenka. To be objective, so to speak.

Published by the Anton Gerashchenko 12 September 2017

Meanwhile, David Sakvarelidze, a member of the “Movement new forces,” Saakashvili said about the arrest of two people. He also said the name of the detainee, Katyshenka – according to policy, he’s Andrew, and not Alexander.

“Now that arrested our activist from Cherkasy – Andrew Katyshenka. He was among those who wound up Mikhail in Ukraine, supporting the will and desire of Ukrainian people for democracy and justice. In these minutes, taking him to Lviv. Yesterday, fifteen representatives of the interior Ministry were detained our colleague from Ivano-Frankivsk – Alexander Burtsev, who also took an active part in the events of Sunday”, – he wrote in Facebook.

Mass arrests and repression of our activists! Now here arrested our activist from Cherkasy – Andrew Kota…

Submitted by David Sakvarelidze 11 Sep 2017

We will remind, the Ukrainian citizenship, Saakashvili gave his decree the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at the end of may 2015. On the eve of getting a Ukrainian passport he was appointed Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration. In December 2015, it was deprived of Georgian citizenship. At the head of the Odessa region , Saakashvili worked for a year and a half, after which he announced his resignation, accusing the President of violating the promises and progress to senior positions in the regional administrations of the “old corrupt”.

Then the former President of Georgia announced the creation of their own political powerwhich will go on elections to the Ukrainian Parliament. In Georgia the politician is charged with four criminal counts. He faces up to 11 years of imprisonment.

Deprived of citizenship , Saakashvili in late July, when he was outside Ukraine. He is a politician promised to return September 10. Heentered the territory of Ukraine through KP “shehyni” that in Lviv region, although I was going to make it through KP “” that in the Lviv region. To the border he got on the bus and illegally crossed it, together with 60 persons. Some of them have used force against the guards.

At first he tried to cross the border by train intercity “Przemysl – Kyiv”, but he was detained through a “personality who has no grounds for entry into Ukraine“.

The state border service of Ukraine announced a breakthrough in the checkpoint “shehyni”, in which Mikheil Saakashvili went to the territory of Ukraine, massive illegal violations of the state border.

Currently, Saakashvili is located in Lviv.

Videotronic Saakashvili staged a brawl with police officers

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