Military shot down an enemy drone in the Sand

While on the front lines near the occupied Donetsk is silent long-range artillery, the militants are actively engaged in exploration. During the day on positions of Ukrainian military more than a dozen flying drones, according to a story TSN.19:30.

One enemy copter Ukrainian army shot down over their fortifications near the Sands. “Opened fire, saw the fall in a gray area, picked up” – say soldiers. The commander with the pseudo “Cypress” admits that this was just lucky, because to hit the drone difficult. “At the height of 200 meters it is virtually invisible,” he says.

Videoroliki undertook reconnaissance of Ukrainian positions using drones

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 19:59

War-like tools currently being particularly active, because drones have become the eyes of military and their enemies. At high altitude the instrument can fix the trenches and equipment, but without details, but on low you can see the details and people, but there will be danger of being hit.

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Maxim had to withdraw their equipment from enemy bullets. “We shot in the area Krasnogorovka – turned on the sport mode, it increases the lifting speed and movement speed. Was that lost control, I completely lost it,” he admits.