Amazing offer hands and hearts: a romantic Australian took the video and showed love in the cinema

The Australian stunned the girl stunning proposal of marriage.

This is stated in the story TSN.Ranok.

In the evening Mike was invited Back to the cinema to see the premiere of the film. In the hall lights went out, but instead of the usual advertising she saw on the screen of the elect.

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A young border guard “planted” the bride drugs for declarations of love

On the ocean with a small box in his hands he spoke of love. Puzzled, Beck didn’t understand what was happening until Mike, with the same box was not in front of her on one knee and asked for her hand.

The girl was so shocked, with trembling voice managed to say “Yes”.

Incidentally, the diamond in the ring is 2 carats and cost 85 thousand dollars.

We will remind, the unusual recognition in the us state Alabamastate an Internet hit. The man decided to surprise the favorite and offered her his hand and heart at the time of the alleged arrest. The American asked militiamen to help him to play the bride.

Videoredo recognition to his girlfriend, the Aussie has already shot the video and showed at the cinema

TSN. Wounds

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