In the Russian Federation Council found the U.S. intervention in elections in Kazakhstan

In Russia spoke about the interference of foreign countries, primarily the United States, in the course of regional elections in the country on 10 September.

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The Commission of the Federation Council for the protection of the sovereignty and prevent interference in Russia’s internal Affairs alleged any facts to support such intervention. It is reported by RBC with reference to the words of the head of the Commission – Senator Andrey Klimov.

Confirmation of the intervention received from experts of the Federal service for financial monitoring (Rosfinmonitoring).

The interference of foreign countries in local elections, according to Klimov, was the fact that they transferred money to the Russian funds involved in the election, to support a particular candidate at the head of the region. Funds were transferred through the territory of the allied countries of Russia in the Customs Union of the EEU, said Klimov. “The money come [to Russia] from a foreign organization from a country where there is no law about foreign agents”, — he explained.

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TSN. Wounds

May 24, 10:11

In the Russian elections intervened several States, says the head of the Commission of the upper house for the protection of sovereignty. “The United States is the most powerful center where this kind of activity, usually from Washington,” he said. Klimov said that the money transferred to Russia “and in cash and cash equivalents, and cryptocurrency,” but the country through which the tranches are not named.

According to a source RBC in the Commission, Rosfinmonitoring confirmed Klimov forwarding “U.S. dollars” in the Russian political technology organization through Kazakhstan.

Recall that in the US now investigate the possible intervention of Russia in the presidential election campaign of 2016.