Russia plans to stop sending “humanitarian convoys” to Donbas – media

Russia turns sending a “gumanow” in the Donbass.

It is reported by RBC with reference to sources in the Russian government.

The government intends to abandon the “humanitarian support to individual territories” in favor of financing projects in the Crimea and Kaliningrad. Under the “separate territories” refers to the Donbass, say sources, the Finance Ministry in response to the request, the media, declined to comment. However, sources in the state Duma and the government emphasize that, even if the government decided to stop spending on “humanitarian support” to the Donbas, this does not mean that financial support for the breakaway republics will cease.

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Of the Russian Federation in the independence Day of Ukraine sent to the Donbass another “Humanos”

Previously, the Agency Bloomberg with reference to sources in “L/DNR” reported, the Russian monthly lists of “DNR” 2.5 billion rubles for the payment of pensions (later the Russian Finance Ministry denied that the Russian budget is the cost of such payments).

Videopure with the Russian “humanitarian convoy” call on the occupied territory of Donbass

TSN. 12:00

15 Jun, 12:28

In February 2017, the Ukrainian security Service claimed that the budget “LNB” for the first quarter of this year expects more than 11 billion rubles, of which about 9 billion roubles — ostensibly the assistance of the Russian government. According to the Russian Federation from August 2014 in the Donbass sent to 68 convoys of “humanitarian convoy”, which delivered over 70 thousand tons of cargo.

65 the so-called “humanitarian convoy” from Russia illegally crossed the state border of Ukraine in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions in may.