Groisman spoke about the government’s plans for Saakashvili, if he comes to Kiev

The Ukrainian government is not going to do anything with the former head of the Odessa regional state administration Mikheil Saakashvili, if he come to Kiev.

This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during the forum “Yalta European strategy”.

“Nothing. I don’t know what to do in such cases… I have such people on the way – I came here to create, to build, to unite, not to destroy, divide and create the ground for chaos. This is our difference. I believe that populism – it is the cause of destabilization in our country. We must leave it behind in the old Ukraine. In the new state must be a democracy, pragmatism and quality control”, – he said, hinting that he believes Saakashvili’s populist.”

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“I know how to build roads, how to invest in the development of the national economy, to create conditions for our energy independence, how to prepare the country for the harsh winters, I understand that. But what to do with the populists, even if it does Ukrainian society – I can only say one thing, that everything I do, as Prime Minister, together with my government, I’m going to do for the sake of the Ukrainians”, – said the Prime Minister and assured that Ukraine adheres to international legislation in the sphere of migration, so “we won’t do anything special, dedicated to one man.”

In addition, Groisman said that has not seen fundamental progress in the work of Saakashvili, when he was the head of administration of Odessa region.

“By the way, I largely helped him, helped to build roads, a lot of other things… I Have some frustration with his progress, unfortunately. I believe that the question of citizenship today is exclusively in the legal plane. And, in my opinion, in any democratic country need to go the legal path in order to determine the legal status,” he added.

Separately Groysman said that “nobody, including me, to organize the chaos on the state borders of the sovereign state, and especially, to lay hands on the Ukrainian border”.

“As soon as we come to the fact that we are starting to get something real to do to revive the economy, make infrastructure improvements, to rebuild institutions, to do some specific things Ukrainian populists use any time in order to enter the country into chaos,” – said the head of government.

Recall, September 10, Mikheil Saakashvili, who is deprived of Ukrainian citizenship, entered the territory of Ukraine through KP “shehyni” that in Lviv region, although I was going to make it through KP “Krakovets” in the same region. To the border he got a bus.

At first he tried to cross the border by train intercity “Przemysl – Kyiv”, but he was detained through the “person who has no grounds for entry into Ukraine“.

With the help of the supporters of Mikheil Saakashvili arrived to Ukraine. The border service will appeal to the courtto fix the violation of the border by the policy under article 204 Article (Illegal crossing or attempt of illegal crossing of the state border of Ukraine).

Videosgallery, committed a new administrative violation

TSN. 16:45

14 Sep, 17:56

Guards 10 and 11 policemen were injured at the checkpoint as a result of the breakthrough. The police in Lviv region opened criminal proceedings on the fact of breaking the boundaries of article 332 (illegal transportation of persons through the state border of Ukraine) of the criminal code of Ukraine. Also the incident is being investigated under the article “About the resistance to law enforcement officers during the execution of their duties”.