The benefits of micro-credit over Bank loans

In our days the situation when the “Finance sing romances”, are not uncommon. In such cases, not everyone has the ability to borrow from friends, relatives, and also to draw a Bank loan: because this requires a clean credit history, official employment and proof of income — proof of solvency of the borrower.

In addition, to obtain a consumer loan many banking institutions require certificates of guarantors. If you don’t have at least one of these requirements, the Bank will not give credit.

Modern credit products allow you to get missing funds, without resorting to banking institutions. One such organization, offering online loans MFI is “Prostatism”, opening up opportunities for borrowers hassle-free and prompt receipt of the amount from 2,000 to 10,000 UAH online for a period of 4 to 12 weeks. The feature of this loan product is a fixed rate, which is among the lowest in Ukraine MFIs and is 1.35% and the same fixed payment every 14 days.

For comparison, a similar service in banks of Ukraine is offered on much less favorable terms and is valid only for credit card holders a limited number of banking institutions. In this case, you can receive a loan through their credit card, however interest will not accrue only in the case if you repay your debt to the agreed Bank of time. There are a number of cases where banks lend for a period of 1 year, however, you need to provide proof of employment and specify the purposes for which a loan is needed. In addition, many banks are “a burden”, to reduce their own risk, additionally lay in the cost of credit insurance and other hidden charges.

“Prostatism” — fast money with no explanation

To avoid hidden fees, red tape for collection of evidence demonstrating your ability to pay, and to save forces and time, use the services of MFIs “Prostatism”. The advantages of the service “Prostatism”:

  • The simplicity of design. All you need to do to apply is to submit the passport or any other identity document.
  • Efficiency: just 20 minutes and the money transferred to your card. The response period for clients who use the services of the company again, less than 1 minute.
  • Guaranteed approval. The company shows loyalty to new customers and the percentage of approval in these cases is 95.
  • No explanation. MFI “Prostatism” does not require to specify the purpose of the loan.

How to get the remaining amount in MFIs “Prostatism”?

“Prostatism” — the perfect opportunity for those who wants quickly and without any questions get a loan on a Bank card online. For this you need to make only 3 steps:

  • Using the calculator on the website of the MFI, click the button “Make a loan”. If you use the services of “Prostasia” again, simply login to your account and apply.
  • To fill in the data forms. All fields of the questionnaire should be performed as thoroughly as possible: depends on a positive decision on granting a loan.
  • Get money and use them on your own, not forgetting to repay a fixed amount within the prescribed period.
  • “Prostatism” — a solid background in any emergency. At any stage you will assist the consultants MFIs. Prostasin is a simple way of obtaining a loan on a Bank card. Anytime, anywhere you can get a microloan in MFO “Prostatism”, with only a passport and an exit in the Internet.

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