The main intrigue in the offensive Shtepa: the court will explain why she was released from custody

The ex-mayor of Slavyansk Nelia Shtepa, the day before was released from jail under house arrest, arrived at the regular meeting in Kharkov.

Today, September 21, there have to listen to witnesses, says the story TSN.12:00. The main intrigue still remains the justification of yesterday’s court decision, which Shtepa released from custody. Indeed, while the court announced only the effective part of the solution, and explained in detail why Shtepa released under house arrest, because the article, which she accused of breaching the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the creation of terrorist organization – do not provide other preventive measure than detention.

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After his release from prison scandalous. didn’t come home – media

Nelya Shtepa has come to the court half an hour before the start of the meeting, accompanied by sister-in-law. Still haven’t found out, if she wore an electronic bracelet. Seeing the camera TSN, Shtepa to answer the questions did not, noting that he feels unwell.

Shtepa complained of high blood pressure. Questions – where the ex-mayor of Slav Yang spent the night – Shtepa was ignored. According to TSN, it is checked in the Slavic Department of the police.

Videosu satisfied the petition of lawyers about the easing of conditions of detention of the former head of Slavyansk

TSN. Pdsmi day

Today, 00:53

The former mayor of Slovyansk Nelly Shtepa was kept in detention since 11 July 2014. Stepu accused of holding an illegal poll on the issue of federalization, and that it has not taken adequate action to release the seized building of the city police Department, where he kept the 479 units of service weapons, and in a media interview urged not to release him. The indictment also stated that Shtepa has expressed support for the separatists, prevented the capture of the city Council and allowed the militants “DNR” to take the city, leading to Sloviansk from April 12 to July 5 of last year.

In addition, according to prosecutors, the … contributed to the organization and strengthening of the illegal checkpoints. Separately noted that during the occupation and fighting in Slavyansk killed 117 people, 198 were injured. Damaged 1574 house, and also objects of housing and communal infrastructure of the city.