Holodnitsky said, as the judge crossed a bribe for him and called on the help of God

The head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Gorodnitskogo tried to bribeto close the case against the judge of the Kirov court of a city of the Dnieper Natalia Ovcharenko. In exchange, offered 300 thousand dollars, and in the capital brought an advance of 50 thousand, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Employees of GPU and SBU detained the bribe-takers – the very Ovcharenko and her immediate supervisor, the Chairman of the Kirov court Gennady Piterskogo. This happened right in the premises of the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office. “This is a year and a half of my salary somewhere, so for me a lot of money. Not the feeling – and maybe, after all that somehow. Was not. These people – they just don’t know how else to live. And these moments, when to give a bribe anti-corruption Prosecutor and to cross everything and say, “Lord, help me”, all went well… God is not there,” – said the Holodnitsky.

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Holodnitsky told the details of the attempts to give him a bribe in 300 thousand dollars

Currently the High Council of justice has already taken a decision on granting consent for the maintenance of the judges of corrupt officials in custody. It concerns Gennady Piterskogo. The second suspect – Natalia Ovcharenko – dismissed judges and she has no judicial immunity, therefore, the authorisation of the High Council of justice for her arrest is not necessary.

Videosunu Kirov court was detained for attempt of bribery the anti-corruption Prosecutor

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