The court found Saakashvili guilty of illegal border crossing

The former head of the Odessa regional state administration Mikheil Saakashvili is found guilty of illegally crossing the Ukrainian border.

The decision adopted by the court of Mostiska of Lviv region, the correspondent of TSN Natalia Voloshanka.

Saakashvili has to pay a fine of 3400 UAH. In addition, he must pay the court fee, which is 300 UAH.

Videomichael Saakashvili did not attend the second meeting of the Yaremche court in the Lviv region

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Yesterday, 17:19

The hearing was held on Friday, September 22. The meeting lasted from 11 in the morning until nearly ten o’clock. The judge was in the conference room for four hours.

Saakashvili himself was not, his interests were represented by two lawyers. They already stated that they will appeal the decision.

After the decision on Saakashvili’s guards handed adminprotokol for illegal border crossing and his lawyer Markian halabala has been.

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It should be noted that the amount of the fine to be paid by the ex-head of the Odessa regional state administration, significantly less than the cost of a night in Lviv hotel “Leopolis” where he lived a few days after crossing the border. Recall night stay in a luxury hotel cost from 6 thousand UAH.

Deprived of citizenship, Saakashvili in late July, when he was outside Ukraine. He is a politician promised to return September 10. He entered the territory of Ukraine through KP “shehyni”that in Lviv region, although I was going to make it through KP “Krakovets”. To the border he got a bus and crossed it illegally, together with 60 persons. Some of them have used force against the guards.

The state border service of Ukraine announced a breakthrough in the checkpoint “shehyni”, in which Saakashvili arrived to Ukraine, mass illegal trespassing.

Using a breakthrough border checkpoint “shehyni” detained five people. Militiamen also established the identity of six of the organizers of the violation of public order near the boundary, as well as 32 active participant in those events. More than 100 people questioned as witnesses.