TSN helped to find the relatives of the wounded in the ATO orphans

The story of 18-year-old Ruslan Mush that after the mine explosion under Tureckom was left without a leg and almost lost his sight, he saw the teachers of the boarding school in Khmelnytskyi region. The guy that struggled for life, recognized her former pupil. And went for 800 miles to see him in intensive care, according to a story TSN.19.30.

Without a single native soul next – eighteen-year-old Ruslan Slurry is fighting for his life in intensive care regional hospital of the Dnieper. Eight kilometers away his face you see in the news in the village Plow Khmelnytskyi region. Teachers of the boarding school will recognize their graduates. They immediately go on the road. The chaise reached the Dnieper.

Three women raised Ruslana from the first to the ninth grade. Was it for mom. The bags for Ruslan, letters, charms and Goodies that the whole boarding school were collected.

They rush to the hospital. Don’t know yet, will see Ruslana in intensive care. This is up to the doctors and ask the wounded.

Ruslan Mush was in boarding school in first grade right in the middle of the school year. The mother of the boy not even fed.

“Give the child what he could, good that he couldn’t share with his mother, he wanted to share with other people,” recalls the class teacher Tatyana Skalska.

Took care of Junior and helped the elderly in the village, the teachers say: Ruslan nine years of study seemed to try to earn the love . And until graduation was still waiting for his own mother.

“Made phone mom, found the room. And he called: mother, you have one day to see me, I’ll be waiting for you. It is a day look, will be a mother or not. And this mom did not come,” – says the teacher.

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After the ninth grade, Ruslan was transferred to another school and communication with teachers was broken. He was in the ATO, and had no idea.

After returning from the world he finally sees native people. Ruslan says: I dreamed of educators. But hesitated to call because it was booby and the hero is not.

“We are proud that we raised you right, Ruslan. You’re not gone, not hidden somewhere. You went into the Inferno,” says the class teacher.

Children for Ruslan painted the flag. Caregivers read to him letters of support. And depart only for a moment.

“I just willed myself to not to cry. This vospitaniem to be proud of. This is no exaggeration,” says the librarian of the boarding school Nina Ponomarenko.

It is prepared by the seventh operation, so he could fully see at least one eye. Ruslan says: if this support will hold.

“I want to go back to where I was raised. This is my home. That’s all I have left. I dream to come back. To work there”, – says Ruslan.

Working for Ruslan will. In Planansky boarding school are waiting for him.

“He’ll even be able to finish school and become a teacher of labor training. Let alone, God, that this child up,” adds the Director plinarsko boarding school Valentine Klimchuk.

On the Desk Rulana nameplate, and in the hall stand with its history. Here are the first words for unconscious in the intensive care unit, through which teachers learned of the guy and finally found it.

Videoton helped to find the relatives of the wounded in the ATO orphans

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