Slain Deputy Sinusovu openly threatened its predecessor – the mayor of Cherkasy

In Cherkasy declared a day of mourning for the murder of the head of Cherkasy regional organization of “Dill” and city Council Deputy Mikhail Benesova, the correspondent of TSN.

Killed the recently appointed acting head of the Department of housing in Cherkasy city Council, and a month later had to appoint a Secretary of the city Council. Benesov was not only a politician but also a businessman. The mayor said that guess who was the customer of murder.

“He openly threatened. Head of the Department (housing and utilities – approx.ed.) who is now on sick leave, openly threatened. To kill a servant of this level, kill the head of a regional cell of political force DILL, to kill a Deputy of Cherkasy city Council – it’s just a daring assassination,” said the mayor of Cherkasy Anatoliy Bondarenko.

We will remind, the body of a man found Thursday, the evening of 28 September in Cherkasy near garages. According to the press service of the party, the criminals released in Benesova more than 20 shots from a Kalashnikov. Mayor of Cherkassy, said that the murder occurred after the TV broadcast, in which Benesov exposed corruption schemes.

By TSN correspondent Anton Strashko