“The meeting was very quick.” “The new newspaper” has established the details of the abduction of Paul Mushroom

Paul the Mushroom, which was illegally held in the Krasnodar remand prison after his abduction of Belarusian Gomel, intended to transfer to Ukraine of 17-year-old Tatiana V.

This writes the New Newspaper.

To discuss further future plans, the teenager arrived in Belarus for the first meeting with the girl. According to the correspondent Russian “the New newspaper” Pavel Kanygin at the meeting, which lasted only an hour near the railway station of Gomel attended the mother of Tatiana.

While in conversation with the journalist, the girl reported that she had virtually no relationship with his mother and father. In particular, we are talking about the alleged Pro-Ukrainian views which are not shared in the family.

During a lengthy correspondence, Paul Mushroom has been sent to Tatyana materials on the political, historical subjects, in particular about the personality of Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych, the aggression of Russia against Ukraine. Pro-Ukrainian views Tatiana confirmed by her close friend Eleanor.

“It’s about them not screaming. But I know these are her views. They are the place to be, and that’s fine, that’s opinion and not aggression towards people … I’m like Paul and per kilometer will not work. Well, it nafig. Well shifted it on some points. And, of course, hates all Russian-speaking, so well I’d get along with him. I think he’s too weird in the bad sense of the word. Not interesting or even used sane. But she likes it, apparently. Although she knows my opinion and what I’m worried about her,” says Eleanor.

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However, the correspondence of Tatiana and Paul left the staff of the Krasnodar FSB. They are, according to the girl, promised to assist her in obtaining a passport, which was needed for travel to Ukraine. In addition, your trip out by the FSB explained that want to know about the Mushroom. Tatiana says that the flight from Sochi to Minsk paid her mother, forcedly included in this situation. For this I had to spend the family savings. Logistics of the meeting remains in the hands of the mother. Tatiana asks her about the trip for a few days, but for some reason the mother buys a return ticket on the same date.

“I don’t know why she did that: to save money or to not spend our own time,” the girl says. Obviously, for some reason, Natalia I. really wants to fit the whole trip in one day and at least use public transport. For example, from Minsk airport to Gomel and back, as Tanya says, they go to taxi is 600 km in both directions.

Once the couple met, Paul gave the girl 7 thousand rubles, and edible Goodies. Tatiana also gave a heart out of paper.

“The meeting was very quick — says Tanya. We talked about our plans all the time was on his feet, after the road was hungry, he brought me dry noodles. Then my mother went to the side stop, and he and the station, but then he came back to us, we hugged. I gave him my gift, I hesitate to give immediately. Stood for another minute, I asked him to write as soon as he gets home, then he drove our taxi, we left, and he remained standing at the bus stop”.

According to the journalist of “Novaya Gazeta”, after the meeting Paul went on foot to the Gomel bus station to take bus to Kiev. “The young man was without money, but with a return ticket. On the way to the bus station unidentified men in civilian clothes plunged Paul into a van and taken to the woods, where he was handed over to others. Their a youngster and also could not identify — in the kidnappers didn’t answer. On the new car Paul brought to an unknown building and put in a windowless cell, in complete isolation, kept there, he felt about two days. When he withdrew, Paul was able to understand information materials inside the building that is the police Department of the village of Ryabtsevo in Smolensk region. Then the young man said that his detention will be issued under the laws of Russia. After the design of Paul was taken in Krasnodar”, – the newspaper writes.

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In turn, the sister of Paul Olga Grib believes Tatiana FSB agent: “If everything was as she sings, she wouldn’t let you talk right and left about their participation. And she was allowed, it remains only to understand why. And who knows how many there are in the bowels of the FSB, these “tan”. Suppose that there is taught at some level of language, and so they lure our Ukrainian boys. And Paul believed her and still, of course, believes, is willing to cover for her”.

In addition, Olga Grib asked Tatyana to tell my brother the drug, which has not taken to jail. “I don’t know what to do and how to help him. I don’t agree with the charges [that passed Paul]. We love each other and wanted to be together. Pasha didn’t do anything criminal: threw links, joking, we just talked… Mentally I feel terrible, not cope,” – said Tatiana.

We will remind, in the Belarusian Gomel disappeared Ukrainian citizen Pavel Mushroom: according to the parents, he was detained by the FSB. In Belarus he left on August 24 to meet up with a girl who lives in Russia, whom he met through the Internet. 17-year-old resident of the city of Sochi in an interview with TSN admitted that he really invited the guy to Belarus. Forced her to do it the FSB of Russia, because she is also under investigation.

The police of the city of Gomel father reported that his son was wanted for terrorist activities. The Ukrainian foreign Ministry is trying to figure outwhat happened with the guy. at the same time, Belarusian border guards claim that Paul had no complaints.

On 7 September it became known that Paul the Mushroom is in jail in the Russian city of Krasnodar.

Videotransit consuls met with the abducted by the security services of the Russian Federation Ukrainian Pavel Mushroom

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