Sentsova is transported in the most severe colony in Siberia – the inmate

The Ukrainian film Director Oleg Sentsovwhom Russia was sentenced to 20 years in prison because of the so-called organization of the terrorist community in the Crimea, shocking in the most Northern in Russia colony in settlement Harp Jamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, Siberia.

About Sentsov of being in the detention center in Tyumen, wrote in a letter to human rights activist Zoe Light, according to the website “Open Russia”. The letter is dated September 17. Read it the inspector has to verify the correspondence, and sent a letter on September 21. To Moscow it was on a week and got to the addressee on September 29.

Sentsov 9 September had taken in an unknown direction from the remand prison in Irkutsk. Since that time, neither the family nor the lawyer knew about his next place of stay.

Prisoner filmmaker writes extremely rare. As it became clear from his letters in the Yakut colony for months he did not give the letters he sent to friends, relatives and strangers from around the world. Also not known, whether all letters Sentsov prison officers were sent to the recipients.

The letter of Oleg Sentsov with minor cuts:

“I’m fine. Food. Taken abruptly from Yakutia and driven in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. And there’s only one place for punishment is legendary Harpy. As it was, and is, I think you know better than me. Nothing good comes from this trip do not wait. Moreover, after Irkutsk and Omsk Central, have yourself some idea of how it is bad and not just the stories.

Physically I am, of course, nobody touches it, but you know perfectly well that this system can perversely punish and make fun, not brute force.

Well, okay, everything will be fine!

Long to write, because there was no mood perfectly. And not because I have some kind of depression or recession of the spirit — I do not suffer, do not doubt!

I’m just generally not a sociable person and there are times when I minimize external communication.

Yakut operations, by the way, this really helped, this year it’s I was given two cards: one for the New year and on birthday. But before leaving back not only a box of old letters that was kept all these six years they have, but a hundred new ones, which they collected during the year and only now decided to give their paper the hostages. Now the food, expensive read. Yet given the dozens of books that were sent to me, but not issued.

Cursing everything, a drag for this very valuable to me literature on the stages, but throw a pity. Let me not send any more books, okay? And then I send is not what I need, and throw I can not, therefore, distribute to the extent possible and to drag with him, but already on the limit handling capabilities of this movable library!

And parcels not ordered me also to send is not necessary because the parcel is put every three months, and I better write Natasha (sister of Oleg Sentsov) or someone else, maybe through you, what I need, and get exactly that. And that was a situation when some kind soul will take pity on the poor and political prisoners will send a small care package of some useless trinket, and mail order stocks are used, and then again to wait three months to get what you need.

I like coming to the place, write.

And ending with a vital subject, which, incidentally, is quite a large part of the life of the prisoner, asked his sister Natasha, so she threw me in my prison account of 10 thousand rubles. Just as I arrive, they will catch up with me.

By the way, about the good deeds that lead to not always good results.

Klimkin (Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine) tried to call me on my birthday in July, and came “pussy rayot” Alekhine to Yakutsk to support me. It’s very cool! But instead of calling I was given another punishment cell (solitary confinement) (the fourth or even the fifth), and then all were taken to a more hard place — Harp. The decree of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia signed at the end of July. This does not mean that it is not necessary to do anything.

You out there, free, can do what you think is right for me or other prisoners, just know that the local law enforcers has its own logic in the head, and they often react so.

In the end, to the North pole they can get me to sit?

In General, I’m all right, and I hope that I can get (illegible) this trip and stay at the end point on the remains of their health. I hope that you too will not be there to arrange about it, anyway, because I sit not one, we are many, and I have far not the worst conditions.

And so I do what I always do: read, including English, law and complementary written scenarios and this work can be done almost forever, but I think another couple of collections I’ve had enough, Fizkultury as possible, well, all sorts of stuff.

Followed, of course, to the extent possible, the events in Ukraine and Russia. Well, nothing good can not say, hence hard to see, maybe.

Ukraine hard, but still somehow scratched in the right direction, Russia is completely stuck in its deadlock, and what to do next, nobody knows.

Still I do not doubt of success, nor victory, nor that all will be good and very good!

In this farewell, your Oleg Sentsov. Tyumen, 17.09.17

P. S. Here is no need to write, I’ll be moving on soon, before you even get this letter”.

Recall, 25 August 2016 the Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov was sentenced only to 20 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony. He was accused in Russia of preparing to commit terrorist acts in Simferopol, Sevastopol and Yalta.