The Ukrainian army is guaranteed to be able to fight back in case of attack – the commander of the group “Lugansk”

Ukrainian Armed forces are guaranteed can fight back themselves, is offensive.

In an interview with TSN.Week said the commander of the group “Lugansk” Oleg Mikats.

At the same time, the military notes, now that the offensive is inappropriate.

“We are ready to step in if necessary. But if we start to attack we will not perform the Minsk agreement. […] Ukraine is a state. It has already announced himself on the international stage that it adheres to international laws and international humanitarian law, and those contracts which are concluded. Unlike the other side (the Russian – ed.). So we must behave accordingly. And if we start to say one thing and do another, but I don’t think anyone wants to communicate with us. And for us very important support,” said MCAC.

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Recall that President Petro Poroshenko called the Ukrainian army the strongest in the continent.