Kiev have paralysed large-scale repairs of the city roads

Due to the refurbishment of the main thoroughfares in Kiev , the city formed the congestion and traffic jams even in rush hours.

On how drivers react on a busy road and what exit you see, the experts said in the film program “snidanok z 1+1”.

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On the tube everyone responds differently: someone is quietly waiting for, and some nerves pass. Builders to communicate with journalists do not really want.

Experienced drivers are advised to avoid tubes smaller streets. And keep calm, because the road repairs are needed.

Deputy Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine 2014-2015 Alexander kawa believes that the biggest problem is the poor awareness of drivers about the road repairs. Those learn about repairs only when approaching the land, which are repaired. This causes congestion and, of course, negative emotions.

Cava advises before leaving to view information about repair works on government websites to save your time and nerves.

We will remind, recently the riverside road of the capital blocked off all 5 lanes of cars. There is completely removed the asphalt surface. Ukrainian workers are responsible for the preparatory work, and Turkish – will be laying new asphalt.

VideoCAM Metropolitan drivers react to the current tube

Snidanok 1+1

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