In Kiev “stabbed” by passengers of the minibus was driving with the door open

This morning, 5 October, in Kiev, a passenger bus was driving with the door open.

About this TSN.ia told by witnesses, who at that time was in transport.

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In particular, the incident occurred in the bus with the number “302”, which goes from Cherry to hem (metro station “Kontraktovaya”).

According to the witness of the incident, the taxi stopped too many people. As a result, the vehicle door is broken.

Video settings Kyiv minibus was driving with the door open


Today, 10:44

Eyewitnesses said that they came down to about the middle of the route. The driver tried to hold the broken door, but was still a big gap. He also scolded passengers for the fact that so many of them came into the bus.

Before you start moving again, he asked whether the passengers to drive with the door open, or leave the transport. The people agreed to go “with the wind”.

Room taxi.

Thus, at almost every stop, the passengers themselves pushed and pushed the door of the bus. And then just left them wide open.

We will remind, in the river on September 18 in the morning from the taxi had the girl. Police said that he had heard the cries for help and saw a girl who was lying with his head on the pavement. It was terribly shaking”. The girl complained of headache and dizziness. Also the victim received contusions of the extremities. The bus driver could not explain why the girl fell.