Ukrainian soldiers on the front line militants have established a monument-tomb

Firing points, a powerful network of trenches, dozens of revetments for tanks – fighters on the arc Svetlodarsk in the area of ATO in Donbas are using the relative calm to build a line of defense at several levels. It can be clearly seen from the air, says the Ukrainian EuroResidence.

This is stated in the plot of TSN.19:30.

Ukrainian soldiers also do not lose time and their strengthening is adjusted to almost the field of architectural masterpieces. When crowbars are powerless – the course is dynamite. Otherwise, dig a dugout or trench is not possible. Broken breed rake shovels and pickaxes. Manually. In sight of the enemy.

Fighters are actively using the so-called truce, to further strengthen. The soldiers work, even when you need to relax. Because while not shooting, have a lot to do. The only thing that depresses – it is a positional war, the team stood and watched.

“Everyone wants to go on the attack – smash everything on the other side, to reach the border and to close it,” says the fighter “Demon”.

To confirm his intentions poured the grave “DNR” – say, let the enemies see that not for long.

“A symbol of the end of the war – monument “DNR”, their grave,” says “Demon”.

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Videotransit fighters used the relative lull to build a line of defense in a few levels

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:12