Pension reform in Ukraine. How to calculate who are nervous and how to buy extra experience

Started in Ukraine implemented by the government and Parliament of the pension reform.

Generation of Ukrainians 30 plus faced a new challenge, as the pension is that it’s too late to think of tomorrow because she needed to take care of yesterday.

Now in Ukraine still there is the solidarity system. It is when young people who work, keep the old, that is dumped into one common pot of deductions from their wages, and the government is trying the money be distributed among all pensioners. This system worked well early in a socialist state, where everything worked officially, and for parasitism tried. Now everything is coming to a catastrophic ratio, when one working person needs to provide the old age of two. Those who cast earnings to the common pot, and those who did not. Ate from the boiler faster than it added. And as a result, the proportion necessary to restore order in the solidarity system. Otherwise there is a crash. Without any payment could stay the other generations.

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For example, a woman aged 50 years with total work experience of 15 years would today rely on the minimum pension. However after the legislative changes it will not. De jure from next year, the retirement age will remain at the same level as men at age 60 and women at 58 years old. De facto to go on to relax in 60 need to sweat to experience enough. The new reform is dictated by the increase of insurance annually in the next 15 years is necessary to have in a working life of 25 years, and by 2028 for 35 years.

According to calculations Minsotspolitiki, in 2028 Ukrainians with no experience at 35 years of age will be more than half. They will be literally thrown out of the new pension system and can only rely on meager social assistance from the state only 65 years.

And all this is called – social justice, says Deputy Minister of social Mykola Shambir. According to him, to take care of a comfortable old age it was just starting to worry in the later years. Now you need not from the first day of work to think – to draw up formal, contributions are made whether to count the experience.

Therefore, in the minds of generations of Ukrainians 30 plus placed just one question: if the requirements for experience so strengthened, that will enroll?

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There is a strain of those who studied and gave birth to 2004. Experience should still read the training budget, but only full-time. Women with maternity leave took place in 2003, the years will not be counted. However, there is good news for entrepreneurs. Of you remember and now will earn experience, if you have started officially doing business since 1998. Military, your urgent service is also should not be forgotten.

Deputy Minister of social notes that wages in envelopes in his youth – is more expensive in old age. Those who worked illegally in the most difficult years of Ukrainian independence, the government offers the option is to actually buy the experience and the sooner, the cheaper. Payment linked to the minimum wage. One year is now worth almost seventeen thousand, five is the maximum that you can buy, slightly less than 100 thousand.

In turn, teachers had previously considered experience: 18 years in education means worked almost 38 years. In this case there is a problem with wages.

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The question is, how will the pension of the teachers, because years of service to educators and even some civil servants have been removed. Preferential retirement left only the military and the security forces.

Without consulting to understand how to pay a pension is unrealistic. If schematic – it boils down to three components – the average salary in Ukraine multiplied by the ratio of wages multiplied by a factor of seniority.

“Today young people have the task to check each month that your salary was as high as possible from the average salary in the country. Sounds, of course, not against man, but to sell their labor more expensive”, – says Irina Kovalko, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

Entrepreneurs also have a tip: you should take help from the PFCs, which shows the number of real experience and the amount of social contributions paid. It can be obtained or personally come back in the Pension Fund, or online. For this you need to make yourself an email signature. As it turned out, are important not only years, but days. Where are the zero – experience does not count.

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Demographers say the longer people live in retirement – the poorer. In the West realized this long ago, because in Ukraine the retirement age, though not increased, but the Ukrainians are doomed for decades to be active, young. Old age has become a luxury that can afford it has become more difficult.

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