Start of judicial reform. The basic nuances of the changes to be aware of everything

People’s deputies are the only law this week, almost three rewrote the code, changed eight and 18 other laws. This aroused the indignation of the opponents of the “Self-help” and “Fatherland.” With the adoption of the long bill began the judicial reform in Ukraine.

This is stated in the story TSN.Week.

First, the court again became a three-level, therefore, the path to justice has become shorter: the first instance, and then go to the court of Appeal and the Supreme court. Previously, there were four levels because there were Specialized Courts, introduced by Yanukovych.

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Electronic court

Down with tons of paper. Now you can testify via the Internet directly from home or from work. If to hide from subpoenas – a useless thing, because the agenda of those who are hidden, will upload directly to the Internet on the website of the judiciary.

The monopoly of the legal profession

If the firm hired a lawyer consult, but now will have to fork out for a lawyer. Now, if the lawyer is the lawyer certificate, there is no possibility to represent the interests of the client.

The court and the money

Sue – will be more expensive. The court may require a kind of collateral or Deposit for all court costs, pay lawyers and experts. Pensioners and the poor will simply not be able thus to go to court.

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Not free access

If a journalist is invited to the hearing, the judge may decide that the hall is not enough free space and to make the decision to restrict access. This will not be allowed into the hall the press and observers: the opponents will simply need to put on the free space of its people.

Punitive mantle

The judges will have considerable power over the process. You can now all be fined for a large list of reasons. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of hryvnia. Fine may even for the fact that it requires disqualification of a judge is corrupt more than once.

Secret meetings

The judge can meet with parties to the process is completely secret without video or audio recording. Moreover, for violation of the secrecy provides for liability! In our corrupt reality of the credibility of the court is not added.