The foreign Ministry will send doctors to the Mushroom without the permission of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine plans to send Ukrainian doctors for the examination held in the Krasnodar remand prison in Russia Ukrainian Pavel Mushroom without the permission of the Russian side.

This was announced by Director of the consular service of the MFA of Ukraine Serhiy Pogoreltsev.

According to him, on 6 October the European court of human rights sent a letter to the lawyers of the Fungus, where again asked to 16 October to provide insights about the survey guy Ukrainian specialists.

The Consulate General of Ukraine in response sent the Russian side once the treatment of demanding to allow to the detainee doctors from Ukraine in the period from 12 to 15 October this year.

“Given the stance of the European court of human rights, Kiev, not waiting for the decision of the Russian side on the admission of Ukrainian doctors to the detainee of the Fungus, based on the letter of the ECHR, sends Ukrainian physicians in the Russian Federation”, – quotes “Ukrainian truth”.

Also, the diplomat expressed hope that the Russian side to fulfill the request of the ECtHR and give us permission to visit the Mushroom Ukrainian specialists. He does not exclude that a positive result may not be.

“We provide three versions of events. First: Russia will not dare to disobey the ECHR and provide consent for examination of the Fungus our doctors. The second fail, and the third will simply ignore our appeal,” explained fire Victims.

Now the foreign Ministry together with the Ministry of health are working on the issue regarding the trips referred to doctors in Russia tomorrow, October 11. Paying an attorney for Mushroom provided Ukraine.

We will remind, in the Belarusian Gomel disappeared Ukrainian citizen Pavel Mushroom: according to the parents, he was detained by the FSB. In Belarus, he left on August 24 to meet up with a girl who lives in Russia, whom he met through the Internet. 17-year-old resident of the city of Sochi in an interview with TSN admittedthat actually invited a guy in Belarus. Forced her to do it the FSB of Russia, because she is also under investigation.

The police of the city of Gomel father reported that his son was wanted for terrorist activities. On 7 September it became known that the Fungus is in jail in the Russian city of Krasnodar. The court arrested the Mushroom until 17 October. The lawyer of the arrested Andrei Sabinin said that the guy charged under article 205.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Assistance of terrorist activity”).

Videotransit consuls met with the abducted by the security services of the Russian Federation Ukrainian Pavel Mushroom

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18 Sep, 17:41