“Air Express”: in Kiev the Prosecutor’s office has made collections in favor SOEs over 94 million hryvnia

The city Prosecutor’s office of Kiev after the court had sought recovery from a commercial structure in favor of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine and the State enterprise “Air Express” more than 94 million credit funds attracted under state guarantees for realization of national project “Air Express”, including the interest on them.

About it informs the website of the Prosecutor’s office.

In 2011, the Export-import Bank of China under the state guarantees provided to the State enterprise “Directorate for construction and management of national project “Air Express” and other infrastructure objects of Kyiv region” a loan of 372 million U.S. dollars for implementation of national project “Air Express”, which provided for the creation of high-speed passenger service between the station “Kiev-Passenger” and the international airport “Borispol”.

But the construction of the passenger service between the airport and the railway station was conducted. Part of the funds allocated for this project, the state enterprise in 2014 were used for the intended purpose. In particular, UAH 82 million was illegally transferred to the accounts of commercial structures on the basis of the contract on attraction of funds under the terms of the Deposit.

In 2016, thanks to the response of the Prosecutor’s office. Kiev said agreement judicially invalidated.

However, the contribution in the amount of UAH 82 million commercial structure, the state never returned and continued to use it.

In this regard, the Prosecutor’s office. Kiev in August 2017 has addressed in court with the claim about compulsory collecting of this structure, more than 94 million hryvnia, of which nearly UAH 82 million made up of credit funds, and another 12 million – the interest on them.

The economic court of Dnipropetrovsk region 10.10.2017 the specified claim is satisfied in full.

As reported on October 5, the Prosecutor General and the SBU conducted searches in the premises of Department of municipal property of the Odessa city Council. According to media reports, security forces seized documentation relating to the sale of a number of objects of communal property which, according to investigators, was illegal.