“Zeman dependent on Moscow”: Chubarov in Prague criticized the statement of the President of the Czech Republic in the Crimea

The proposal of the President of Czech Republic Milos Zeman to “sell” Russia annexed the Crimea is offensive.

This was stated by MP of Ukraine, Chairman of Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov during the “Forum 2000”, held in the Czech capital Prague, reports Crimea.Realities.

Videopreteen the Czech Republic suggested that Ukraine agreed to financial compensation for the annexation of Crimea

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“His proposal is not something that is unacceptable, it is offensive,” – said Chubarov.

Crimean Tatar leader believes that Zeman dependent on or similar statements trying to distract Czech voters ahead of the upcoming presidential elections.

“One of the versions for Mr. Zeman is it dependent on Moscow, the second version… he wants to solve problems with the upcoming presidential election by diverting attention to some problems that Czech voters are less worried,” – said Chubarov.

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“Contrary to our foreign policy”: Czech Prime Minister criticized the proposal Zeman “sell” Crimea

We will remind, at the PACE session in Strasbourg, the President of Czech Republic miloš Zeman has invited Ukraine to legitimize the annexation of Crimea by financial compensation from Russia. “Crimea is annexation, without a doubt. It is a finished work (fait accompli). In my opinion, will be some compensation for Ukraine – or in a financial form or in oil and gas”, – he stressed.

According to Zeman, if Ukraine does not agree to compensate, will start the “European war”. According to him, war is inevitable in the case of a continuing effort to return the Crimea.

TSN.ia collected the response of other Ukrainian politicians and figures on the scandalous statement of the President of the Czech Republic.