Tips zabludivshayasya Grylls, saved a mother and child in the wild thickets of Australia

Mother and son that within 10 days he wandered burlingam (dense thickets) near the hunter valley in Australia, said that followed the British TV star Bearu Grills and it helped them to survive.

This was reported by “Daily Mail”.

40-year-old Michelle Pittman and her 9-year-old son Dylan, 2 Oct went for a walk in the valley, but is lost in dense Bush thickets.

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“They suck the moisture from the plants and dug the dry riverbed sources, so as not to dehydrate, – said acting head of the hunter valley Rob Post. – It is interesting that the method of collecting moisture from the plants they took over from bear Grylls”. Poor guy had to use a cane instead of shoes, and cups they used were broad leaves. To indicate the place of his stay, they were tied to trees and grass. Also people suffering from deadly insect bites, in addition, they are constantly threatened by poisonous snakes and spiders.
British Explorer Bear Grlls (TV program “to Survive at any cost”).

Family Pittman serzone concerned about the long absence of travelers and informed the police about their disappearance. After Monday found the car abandoned, began a large-scale search.

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Inspector of the local police Joan Schultz said that the lost was found 10 days after the disappearance. “They were right, it is obvious that finally able to calm down. They were very hungry, but everything else was good”. One of the doctors of “ambulance” added: “the Body is able to do amazing things when placed in a stressful situation.”
Australian bushland.

Michelle and Dylan hospitalized in singleton, where they are recovering from hypothermia and damage to the skin.

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