Every day we become stronger. In day of the defender Poroshenko called for the oath of the cadets Lyceum Bohun

Today, October 14, the Day of defender of Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko attended the ceremony of taking the oath by cadets of the military Lyceum. Ivan Bohun.

“When I look into the eyes of our soldiers at the front, on parade, on the ground, “Games undefeated” – I feel like every day we become stronger. These people made Ukraine unbroken and proud. Their experience and morale cause the gratitude of countrymen, the admiration of allies and fear in enemies”, – said the head of state.

Additionally, the President expressed confidence that Ukraine will join the Alliance.

“There is no doubt that among these age not matured Teens are the future officers and generals, ambassadors and Ministers. And perhaps even the Secretary General of NATO, because Ukraine will become a member of the Alliance!”, – said Poroshenko.

Note that before the oath Poroshenko attended Church, where they pray for the Ukrainian soldiers and peace in the country.