In the schools of Kiev learned to circumvent the ban on levies from parents

In the schools of Kiev cancelled fees, so take cash or ask for help in the renovation of classrooms, teachers are now strictly prohibited. Teachers complained that parental means would be difficult because the state is not fully funding schools, so thatthe order banning already read the way of its fulfillment, says the story TSN.19:30.

Each teacher wrote a receipt that notified about the impossibility to ask parents about financial aid for any school needs. “But I do not read in the order of the Department of education that it is forbidden to help the school. Unfortunately, we can’t abandon the parents,” – says the Director of SOSH No. 220 Marina Komrakova.

Video settings Kyiv school administrators have figured out how to circumvent the ban parental funding

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The state is not providing funding for educational institutions that are recognized by the city administration. However, to take money from the parents insist there is, nevertheless, prohibited. However, if you have the desire to help themselves have parents who drag them no one will. “They could register a charitable Foundation, all of which make their contributions, but he should have no contact with the school administration. Want to help the school or kindergarten – it’s your right to define yourself,” – explained Deputy Chairman of the KCSA Oleksiy Reznikov.

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According to this principle and act of the parents in the school. “We collect the transferred funds for charity. We agreed among themselves, for example, 30 hryvnia per month, it is a small amount,” says the mother of two children Lily gnatkovs’ky. But Sergei Skrebtsova the experience of another – the school where his children, is 350 hryvnia per month in cash, and where they went, he still does not know why more do not pay. After the order of prohibition to take money from parents and has not ceased – the school administration just changed the scheme levies. “If you read the order, it is clearly written that prohibited the collection of cash on campus. What makes the current PTA? They collect on the card,” says the father of two children. He is convinced that the situation with the levies order is not changed, the more the document does not say about responsibility and appropriate control over its implementation.

The TSN reporter Mariam Hovhannisyan