The incident was resolved: the head of police of Kiev, commented on the incident with the hand-wringing woman

Broken arm, damaged coat and scratched the car – after contact with patrol from Kiev Oksana Vasilyeva wrote a statement to the police about the abuse situation.

This is stated in the story TSN.19:30.

Behind the wheel of the SUV she was driving towards downtown. The street was blocked by police-traffic. The woman turned in the opposite direction, and it immediately stopped the crew of the police. Cops checked the documents and began to make out the fine, the COP requested the documents a second time, and the woman refused to provide them. The gesture regarded as “gross disobedience”, pulled her out of the car and began to twist his arms and handcuffed. As a result of which a woman broke her arm, tore my clothes and scratched my car. To put on handcuffs failed.

Videoplease broke his arm the owner of the car while trying to check her documents

TSN. 19:30

Today, 20:04

The incident became known from the Facebook record husband Oksana – lyubomira Vasileva. He collected several thousand angry comments. But in the late afternoon Lyubomir it was removed.

Meanwhile, the police posted their own videos – not full and through its installation. Has begun service check.

The head of the police of Kiev Yuri Zozulya says that as a result the incident was closed the place was made adminprotokol and the woman was released.

“Then it is already on their own, on their own initiative came to rayupravlenye and wrote a letter, as I know the abuse of power police,” he said.

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